Friday, April 11

Commitment Issues

After a year or more of silence, I've decided to blog this useless information simply for the sake of one thing: commitment. I never never never and I mean never am one to quit anything. However, when it comes to growing my hair out to roughly 20" long, I can not. I'm shamed to say: I quit. Every. Single. Time. Therefore, I have decided that perhaps blogging it may add a bit of... Pressure? Audience? Commitment. 

So I am committing to you, followers. Committing 3 years to getting to my goal length of at least 20". It should, hopefully, take a little less time but for the sake of my natural super slow hair growth, I'm giving myself the extra time. And might help with the correction cuts I'll need along the way. After all, I am growing out an A line people! Okay, every two months I will be blogging my progress for you/me to see. I always seem to cut it at the very same point, so hopefully by sticking to the photo taking, I will find the encouragement I need.

So here goes nothing! Patience - I'm ready for you.

Sunday, November 25

Fall Portraits

Warm living room, perfectly furnished and accented with lush fabric covered pillows, and a large wall covered with beautiful photos... Since we moved in, I have envisioned this particular wall filled with a variety of photos taken among the years. As most of you may have figured out already, I'm not the best at documenting our lives. SO I have taken the liberty of volunteering my so very talented husband to assist me with this task. And he has begun with Thanksgiving photos. I am so excited with how they turned out I can hardly wait to get them printed and framed!! So here they are for you to enjoy! :)

Saturday, September 1

Alaska day 3

Took a drive south to alyeska, ak onto the iditarod trail. Saw some breath taking views along with a forest of fresh air!
And found this AMAZINGLY creative park!! So fun wish we had one back home :)

Oh and a random picture of a lifted Saturn that Nate made me take right in front of them on the road. Haha